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Compact Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Reader
ID TECH’s UniPay is the latest addition to the audio jack family of mobile card readers.  UniPay incorporates contact chip, smart card reading, with proven and reliable magnetic stripe decoding which results in a compact mobile reader.  Its small form factor and audio jack interface is ideal for mobile applications where either magnetic stripe and/or smart card reading are required.

Mobile Form Factor and Audio Jack Interface
ID TECH’s UniPay communicates to the host via the audio jack port and is supported on Apple and Android platforms with an SDK, to allow for simple and easy integration into mobile payment applications.  Also featured, is a USB port which can be used for charging or communication with a PC.  The UniPay’s efficient design minimize power consumption to the host device battery life.

Payment Certification
UniPay is EMV Level 1 approved and uses DUKPT Key management and TDES/AES encryption to ensure magnetic stripe and smart card transactions are encrypted and transmitted securely to the host device.

ID TECH Shuttle Mobile MagStripe Reader



* The Visa Ready symbol indicates that this mPOS solution meets Visa requirements for use within an mPOS acceptance solution only within Visa Inc. Territory. For information about the requirements Visa 
Ready  mPOS hardware and software must meet and the countries they apply to, please visit



  • Audio headphone jack communication for the latest Apple iOS and Android platforms
  • EMV Level 1 approval
  • RoHS 2 and REACH compliance
  • TQM Label
  • Low power consumption when reader is in standby mode
  • Compact and ergonomic design to integrate with a variety of mobile devices
  • Encrypted MSR and chip card reader with DUKPT key management
  • Micro-USB port for pass-through charging and PC communication

Compatible Hardware: 

Apple iOS
    Device Name
    Model #

    iPad 2MC769LL5.1.1

    iPad 3rd GenerationMC705LL/A8.1.0

    iPad 4th GenerationMD513LL/A8.0

    iPad AirMD788LL/A7.0.4

    iPad miniPD532LL/A7.1.2

    iPad miniMD531CH/A7.1.2

    iPad mini 2ME279ZP/A7.1

    iPhone 3GsMC640LL6.0

    iPhone 4MC676LL7.0.4

    iPhone 4sMD378LL/A8.0.2

    iPhone 5cME530LL/A7.1.2

    iPhone 5sME530LL/A7.1.2

    iPhone 6MG542LL/A8.1.1

    iPhone 6 PlusMGC12LL/A8.1

    iPod touch 4th GenerationPC540LL/A6.1.6

    iPod touch 5th GenerationPD720LL/A8.1.1

    iPod touch 5th GenerationMD723CH/A7.1.2


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      Device Name
      Model #
      Acer Iconia Tab 7A1-7134.4.2
      Acer Iconia Tab 7A1-713HD4.4.2
      Asus Nexus 7 LTE (2nd Gen.)NEXUS7 (Device:FLO)5
      Casio G'zOne Commandoc7712.3.6Verizon
      Dell Streak 7dellstreak73.2
      HTC AriaLiberty2.2.1Verizon
      HTC Aria A6380a63802.2.1
      HTC Beats AudioHTC90604.2.2
      HTC ButterflyHTCBUTTERFLY4.4.2
      HTC Desire ZHTCVISION2.3.3
      HTC Droid DNAHTC6435LVW4.1.1Verizon
      HTC Droid ErisERIS2.1Verizon
      HTC Droid Incredibleadr63002.2Verizon
      HTC Droid Incredibleadr63002.3.4Verizon
      HTC EVO 3Dpg861004.0.3Sprint
      HTC EVO 4GPC361002.3.3Sprint
      HTC EVO 4G LTEevo4.04Sprint
      HTC EVO Shift 4GPG061002.3.3Sprint
      HTC G2T-MOBILEG22.3.4T-Mobile
      HTC HeroHERO2002.1.1Sprint
      HTC IncredibleADR63002.3.4Verizon
      HTC Incredible 2ADR63512.3.4Verizon
      HTC Incredible 4G LTEadr6410LVW4.0.3Verizon
      HTC Inspire 4GERIS2.1
      HTC MergeADR63252.3.5

      HTC MyTouch 4G SlideMYTOUCH_4G_SLIDE2.3.4T-Mobile
      HTC MyTouch 4Ghtcglacier2.3.4T-Mobile
      HTC MyTouch 3G SlideT-MOBILEMYTOOUCH3GSLIDE2.1.1T-Mobile
      HTC Nexus OneNEXUSONE2.3.6T-Mobile
      HTC One (2014)HTC6525LVW4.4.2
      HTC Rezoundadr6425LVW4.0.3Verizon
      HTC RhymeADR6330VW2.3.4Verizon
      HTC Sensation 4GSensation 4G4.0.3
      HTC StatusHTCSTATUS2.3.3
      HTC ThunderBoltadr6400L2.3.4
      HTC VividHTCPH391002.3.4AT&T
      Huawei Impulse 4GHUAWEIU8800-512.2.2AT&T
      Huawei Prismprism2.3.6T-Mobile
      Kyocera ECHOM93002.2.1Sprint
      LG AllyALLY2.2.1Verizon
      LG EnlightenLG-VS7002.3.4
      LG G2XLG-P9992.3.4
      LG G3LG-D8514.4.2
      LG Lucid 4Gvs8404g4.04.Verizon
      LG Nexus 4NEXUS44.4.4
      LG Nexus 5NEXUS55
      LG Nitro HDLG-P9304.0.4AT&T
      LG Optimus G2XLG-P9992.3.4T-Mobile
      LG Optimus OneLG-P5002.2
      LG Optimus OneLG-P5002.3.3
      LG Optimus SLS6702.3.3Sprint
      LG Optimus TLS6702.3.3T-Mobile
      LG P500LG-P5002.2
      LG PhoenixLG-P5052.3.4AT&T
      LG Spectrum 2VS9304G4.0.4Verizon
      LG Spectrum 4GVS9204G4.0.4Verizon
      LG Thrill 4GLG-P9254.0.4AT&T
      LG ThriveLG-P5062.2.2
      LG VS600 Vortexvortex2.2.2Verizon
      MOTO Droid X2.2.1
      Motorola Atrix 2 4GMB8652.3.5

      Motorola Atrix 4GMB8602.3.6AT&T
      Motorola Atrix HDMB8864.1.1AT&T
      Motorola BravoMB5202.2.1AT&T
      Motorola DefyMB5252.2.1Verizon
      Motorola DroidDROID2.2.3Verizon
      Motorola Droid 2 GlobalDROID2GLOBAL2.3.4Verizon
      Motorola Droid 3DROID32.3.4
      Motorola Droid 4DROID44.1.2Verizon
      Motorola Droid BionicDROIDBIONIC4.1.2Verizon
      Motorola Droid ProDROIDPRO2.2.1Verizon
      Motorola Droid RAZR MXT9064.4.2Verizon
      Motorola Droid Razr MaxxDROIDRAZR4.1.2Verizon
      Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HDDROIDRAZRHD4.4.2Verizon
      Motorola Droid Razr XT912DROIDRAZR4.1.2Verizon
      Motorola Droid XDROIDX2.3.3Verizon
      Motorola Droid X2DROIDX22.3.5Verizon
      Motorola Droid2droid22.3.4Verizon
      Motorola FlipsideMB5082.2.1AT&T
      Motorola Photon 4GMB8552.3.4Sprint
      Motorola RAZR XT912droidrazr4.1.2Verizon
      Motorola Xoomxoom4.0.4Verizon
      Motorola Droid Razr Maxxdroidrazr2.3.6Verizon
      Motorola XPRTMB6122.2.2Sprint
      Motorola XyBoardMZ6174.0.4Verizon
      Pantech CrossoverPANTECHP80002.3.6AT&T
      Pantech ElementPANTECHP41003.2.1AT&T
      Samsung Captivate GlideSGH-i9272.3.5AT&T
      Samsung Conquer 4GSPH-D6002.3.6
      Samsung Droid Charge 4GSCH-I5102.3.6