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RDR-7581AKU - 13.56MHZ - Keyboard Emulation


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pcProx (13.56 MHz) Enrol for MIFARE®

N.B. These readers are intended for MIFARE® cards. Visit this page for iCLASS readers. Visit this page for Legic readers.

If you require a Mifare® card reader, we can save you time on your search. We stock a variety of high security card readers and can provide customers with a complete ID card solution. The family of pcProx Enrol contactless smart card readers eliminates the need for manual entry, providing error-free identification. The basic pcProx Mifare® card reader is compatible with nearly all 13.56 MHz contactless cards/tags/labels. This reader allows users to use their building access card or other 13.56 MHz tags for other forms of identification and security throughout the workplace. The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory, allowing the user to quickly configure the output to meet the user's needs.

Why Choose a Mifare® Card Reader?

As a card enrolment or ID badge reader/tester, the USB model emulates a keyboard and will keystroke the card's data to the cursor's location on the screen. The reader can be configured to add keystrokes before or after the card's data. The serial version, available in RS-232, Ethernet, or USB-async, delivers the card's data in ASCII.

It can be used as a standalone system, or be seamlessly integrated with other software applications using the optional SDK (Software developer's kit). As an integrated reader, you will find applications such as PC/LAN logon, single signon, card enrolment, visitor management, point of sale, time/attendance, user authorization, seminar, fitness, training attendance, magnetic card emulations and more.

For MIFARE® cards/tags/labels, the card's serial number represents the card's data.

For MIFARE® cards/tags/labels, the card's serial number represents the card's data.

Contactless Smart Card USB Desktop ID Reader

The RDR-7581AKU USB Mifare® card reader reads the unique 32-bit (4 byte) MIFARE® CSN (card serial number) from a MIFARE ®card. This unit emulates a USB keyboard to Windows or Macintosh PCs and is recognized as a genric USB keyboard device by the OS. The card's data will be output to the location of the cursor on the screen. Additional keystrokes may be placed before, in the middle, or after the card's data using the utility below. For GE Security ISO15693 cards, a Configuration Utility can be used to manipulate the output between hex/decimal, reverse bytes etc.

  • Configuration Application Compatibility: Windows 98, 2000, XP.
  • Reader Output Compatibility: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Macintosh, Windows CE

It could not be easier to purchase a Mifare® card reader online at Windmill Computing. Browse our range of product readers and take advantage of our hassle free online shopping service.

NFC (Near field communication)

NFC (Near field communication) is a set of standards for Smartphone and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other, by bringing them into close proximity, normally within a few centimetres or touching them together. Current and likely applications include data exchange, contactless transactions, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as Wi-Fi. With an NFC device it is also possible to communicate with an unpowered NFC chip, called a "tag". NFC offers new opportunities potentially allowing NFC-enabled devices to act as electronic identity documents and keycards. 

Our readers RDR-7581-XXX are compatible with Type 2 & Type 4 NFC cards.

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