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Magic Mini ReaderDesign and technologies:Supports reader to read 125KHz, Supports on-site reader configuration card to change certain parametersFront plate customization and backlit...

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Magic Mini Reader

Design and technologies:

  1. Supports reader to read 125KHz, 
  2. Supports on-site reader configuration card to change certain parameters
  3. Front plate customization and backlit design
  4. Design with end user logo
  5. Tamper protection
Friendly installation:
  1. Filled with epoxy and weatherproof
  2. Metal backplate allows reader install on metal surface and back-to-back without affecting reading range
  3. Universal backplate allows installed on various sizes of gang box
  4. Non-drop bottom screw made servicing handier
  5. All input and output signals are protected against static charges
  6. Reverse power protection
  7. Stainless steel security screw (optional)
  8. All inputs are 12V DC protected
Configurable functions:
  1. Reconfigure Microsoft Windows: 5 seconds (default) or half-an-hour after power-up
  2. Reader output format: UID 32, 34, 56 bits (backward/forward), file content reading for programmed ID
  3. Wiegand plus width: various choices to fit with controller requirements
  4. Buzzer control: reader/controller control (default) or controller control only
  5. LED/backlit control: define various LED color response based on green LED input


  1. Operating voltage: 10 to 15V DC
  2. Operating current: 150mA (maximum)
  3. Frequency: 125KHZ
  4. Typical reading range: 2 to 3cm
  5. Reader standard output: Wiegand
  6. Wiring distance: 150m (22AWG with shielded cable)
  7. Operating temperature: -30 to 70°C
  8. Operating humidity: 10 to 90%
  9. Case materials: PC and ABS
  10. Standard colors: black or white
  11. Exterior dimensions: 115.5 x 84.5 x 20.5mm
  12. Weight: 210g

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