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  • C5000 4G Rugged Android 7.0  PDA

    C5000 4G Rugged...

    C5000 Specifications & InformationExtremely Stable PerformanceAndroid 7.0 OS with memory of 2GB ..


  • C5000 Battery

    C5000 Battery

    Spare battery for the C5000 Android Handheld Computer..


  • C5000 Desktop Charging Cradle

    C5000 Desktop...

    Desktop charging cradle for use with the C5000 handheld computer..


  • C5000 Pistol Grip Rugged Android 7 PDA

    C5000 Pistol Grip...

    SpecificationsExtremely Stable PerformanceAndroid 7 OS with 2GB RAM/16GB ROM expandable to 32GB.High..


  • C5000 replacement Pistol Grip

    C5000 replacement...

    Pistol grip for the pistol version of C5000...


  • C5000/C5100 Screen Protector

    C5000/C5100 Screen...

    Hi Quality Screen protector for the C5000 and C5100 Handheld Computer...


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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)