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  • C71 Handheld Computer IP65/IP67 - Android 6.0 , 4g , NFC , WIFI , BT 13MP Camera

    C71 Handheld...

    Standard Specification  : C71 Handheld Computer IP67 - Android 6.0 , 4g , NFC , WIFI , BT 13MP ..


  • Chainway C6000 Android 6 Handheld Computer 4G

    Chainway C6000...

    Chainway C6000 is an Android-based rugged mobile computer. With its fast 4G connectivity and powerfu..


  • Dolphin 99EXni Mobile Computer

    Dolphin 99EXni...

     Dolphin 99EXni Mobile ComputerHoneywell's Dolphin® 99EXni mobile computers are UL certified to..

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  • Opticon H-27 Smartphone Mobile Handheld Computers

    Opticon H-27...

    PDA Smartphone Combo Lightweight and Slim Design Rugged De..


  • Opticon H-32 Smartphone Mobile Handheld Computers

    Opticon H-32...

    2D Barcode Scanner Built In Lightweight and Slim Design Ru..


  • Thor CV31 Vehicle-Mount Computer

    Thor CV31...

     Thor CV31 Vehicle-Mount ComputerThe Thor™ CV31 vehicle-mount computer combines the latest comp..


  • Thor VM1 Vehicle-Mount Computer

    Thor VM1...

     Thor VM1 Vehicle-Mount ComputerHoneywell's Thor™ VM1 vehicle mount computer, the ideal forklif..


  • Thor VM3 Vehicle-Mount Computer

    Thor VM3...

     Thor VM3 Vehicle-Mount ComputerDesigned for use in the toughest distribution center environmen..

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  • Winmate F10 Vehicle Mount Computer

    Winmate F10 Vehicle...



  • Winmate FM08 Vehicle Mount Computer

    Winmate FM08...

        For further information and bulk discounts , please email sales@pacsuppliesu..


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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)