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The Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) allows independent developers to give their application the ability to read access badge identification information directly off any of the more than one billion proximity, contactless and mag-stripe cards in use worldwide.

It supports the following common platforms:

• Card platform for nearly all proximity, contactless, and mag-stripe card vendors: Single SDK allows OEMs to choose cards/readers based upon application requirements and end user’s existing cards

• Indoor/outdoor reader platform: SDK supports our Wiegand to USB/RS-232 converters, allowing connection to any Wiegand output device

• USB, RS-232 and Ethernet: Supporting all ports through an easy to use DLL interface or platform independent serial ASCII command protocol

The SDK is fully featured and easy to integrate. The Kit comes complete with source codes in .NET, C++ and Visual Basic. All operating system platforms and card formats are supported.


• Create software applications, embedded device logon options or fully featured desktop security application for use of existing technology badges based on a platform of readers

• Identify users for productivity or QA tracking in manufacturing environments

•Reduce or eliminate user identification PINs or login requirements

•Use existing technology cards for cafeteria applications such as cashless vending point-of-sale cafeteria systems •Identify where key assets are located, lower deployments, and increase utilization