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Choose Your Variation - Ingenico PEDPACKS and Tailwind Base and Mount

Choose Your Variation - Ingenico PEDPACKS and Tailwind Base and Mount

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Every aspect of our product is considered to ensure that it is the best possible solution for a Point of Sale environment from the material we have chosen to the unique product features like our PEDPacks and latch mechanism. Designed in Scotland, new products are developed with great care, iterated and tested until our standards are met. Where we create bespoke solutions for customers, we always make sure they are completely satisfied with the result and that the product meets our own exacting standards. Our products are proving robust in the field with no reported failures and a Mean Time Before Failure of more than 5 years. The designed-in, modular nature of the FlexiPole system means that existing customers can upgrade their payment technology easily and with minimum expense without changing poles and mounts. Our composite material wears well, does not rust, chip or scratch and has the benefit of creating no interference for wifi, EMC or Near Field Communication.

Ingenico PEDPACKS Available:




iWL 220/250


iSC 480

iSC 250


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