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Desktop Label Printers

WPL25 Desktop Label Printer - Direct thermal 203 x 203DPI Black label printer

The Wasp WPL25 desktop barcode printer creates 2-inch direct thermal paper labels that are ideal for..

$275.00 Ex Tax: $275.00

ZD410 Ultra-Compact 2 Inch Direct Thermal Printer - 203dpi, USB

The ZD410 is the smallest printer in its class, fitting easily in the most space-constrained desktop..

$275.00 Ex Tax: $275.00

Zebra GC420d Direct Thermal Desktop Labelling Printer (No Peel)

Zebra's most affordable 4 desktop direct thermal printer offers a high impact double-walled polymer ..

$320.00 Ex Tax: $320.00

Zebra GK420d - Compact Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer

The Zebra GK420d direct thermal printer offers the best value in a basic desktop printer, featuring ..

$247.00 Ex Tax: $247.00

Zebra GK420t - Compact Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer (USB/Ethernet)

These sleek and compact desktop label printers fit just about any space, budget, or application. Str..

$451.00 Ex Tax: $451.00

Zebra GX420d - Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer

These compact and sleek direct thermal desktop label printers offer a small footprint, making them i..

$738.00 Ex Tax: $738.00

Zebra GX430t - 300 dpi Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer - Serial, Parallel & USB, Peel

The Zebra GX430t direct thermal/thermal transfer desktop label printer includes a 300 dpi print..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $475.00

Zebra HC100 Desktop Label Printer

Print wristbands with ease with a wristband printer that prints directly onto the band. Easy loading..

Zebra TLP2824 Plus Thermal transfer desktop printer for printing labels up to 56mm wide - Thermal Transfer, Parallel (Centronics)

Choose these desktop label printers for applications requiring direct thermal and thermal transfer p..

$300.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Zebra ZD420 Desktop Label Printer

If you need a fast 4-inch printer that is easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage, choose the..

Zebra ZD500 Compact Desktop Barcode Label Printer

All ZD500 printers have ZPL firmware (SGD, XML, Unicode), Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal print ..

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