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Stanley Pac

10 x PAC KEYPAC ISO Proximity Cards 7S-K3011

Improve the efficiency of your company ID systems with these simple KeyPac proximity cards allowing ..

$39.80 Ex Tax: $39.80

KeyPac Proximity Token 125KHz

KeyPAC Fobs 7S-K3010. Uniquely coded, no batteries required. Robust and durable, and easily attac..

$53.23 Ex Tax: $53.23

PAC ISO Proximity Token 153KHz - 7S-K2010

PAC Key Fobs Black Proximity with PAC Logo Clip 21020.Part number 7S-K2010 Uniquely coded, no ..

$75.00 Ex Tax: $75.00

PAC ISO Proxmity Card 153KHz - 7S-K2011B

PAC ISO Printable Proximity Card - 10 Pack. PAC ISO Card offers a low cost solution with all the ben..

$78.50 Ex Tax: $78.50

Stanley PAC ISO Proxmity Card - 7S-D8239

Stanley PAC ISO proximity cards WeigandPart number 7S-D8239. Model number 909021034.The D..

$83.00 Ex Tax: $83.00

Stanley PAC Ops Desfire EV1 Token 13.56Mhz

• Fully encapsulated in Grey ABS plastic, double sealed and ultrasonically welded • Metal eyelet all..

$64.99 Ex Tax: $64.99

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