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Handheld and Mobile Computers

PAC Supplies USA can supply a full range of Handheld PDA devices with Android Operating Systems and Incorporating barcode scanners, and UHF.

Perfect devices for ELD Devices, Inventory Control, Medical, Retail and Logistics.

Leverage the world of apps available to facilitate your business.

Please contact us for more details.


The best things come in small packages-that's why you can expect incredible productivity and great..

$387.70 Ex Tax: $387.70

C6200 Handheld Computer

The Handheld Wireless C6200 Handheld computer are equipped with a 5.5 inch IPS HD display with 720 x..

$565.00 Ex Tax: $565.00

C6200 Handheld Computer Charging Cradle

The C6200 Charging crate is designed to charge the handheld computer with battery inserted, plus cha..

$58.75 Ex Tax: $58.75

C72 Desktop Cradle

Desktop Charger for C72 Handheld computerfor further information , please email sales@pacsuppliesusa..

$69.99 Ex Tax: $69.99

Chainway C61 Mobile Data Terminal


$465.00 Ex Tax: $465.00

Chainway C66 Android 11 Handheld Data Terminal

The latest Chainway C66 is a newly developed rugged handheld computer with extensive expandable fe..

$489.00 Ex Tax: $489.00

Chainway C71 Android 8.1 Handheld Computer

The Chainway C71 is a built-in Android 8.1 rugged handheld with optional RFID reader. The upgrade of..

$460.00 Ex Tax: $460.00

Chainway C72 Android 11 Handheld Computer with Pistol Grip

The Chainway C72 is an industrial-grade Android mobile computer with an in-build Zebra scan engine..

$529.00 Ex Tax: $529.00

Chainway C72 Holster

Holster for the Chainway C72 Handheld Data Terminal..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

Chainway P80 8 inch Rugged Tablet with Android 9

The Chainway P80 is an 8 Inch, Android 9 rugged tablet with expandable functionality. Build with t..

$605.00 Ex Tax: $605.00

Chainway R2 RFID Swing Reader

Chainway RFID Swing Reader R2 is a newly-developed handheld data collection device with stylish desi..

$350.00 Ex Tax: $350.00

Chainway R6 UHF Sled Reader with 2D Barcode

The Chainway R6 is perfectly designed as a complete one-piece solution to work with cellphones and P..

$520.00 Ex Tax: $520.00

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