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Chainway is specialized in providing data collection equipment and solutions .

As one of the leading professional manufacturers of rugged handheld data terminal , they specialize in manufacturing and developing "All-in-one" handheld  data terminal integrated with RFID reader/writer, 1D/2D barcode scanner and wireless communications.

With Customers like China Post , DHL , The China Olympics , World wide government projects and much more.

One of the Worlds largest producers of Handheld terminal devices.

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  • C71 Desktop Cradle

    C71 Desktop Cradle

    Desktop Charger for C71 Handheld computerfor further information , please email sales@pacsuppliesusa..


  • C71 Handheld Computer IP65/IP67 - Android 6.0 , 4g , NFC , WIFI , BT 13MP Camera

    C71 Handheld...

    Standard Specification  : C71 Handheld Computer IP67 - Android 6.0 , 4g , NFC , WIFI , BT 13MP ..


  • C71 Vechicle Mount Cradle Charger

    C71 Vechicle Mount...

    Choose from the Existing screw plate or sucker Mount option .Choose from Hard ware or cigarette char..


  • C72 Desktop Cradle

    C72 Desktop Cradle

    Desktop Charger for C72 Handheld computerfor further information , please email sales@pacsuppliesusa..


  • Chainway C3000 Windows CE 6.0 WIFI BT Handheld Data Terminal

    Chainway C3000...

    A new device with  Better rugged Higher performance 1+1=2 dual battery sys..


  • Chainway C4050 Android New Handheld Data Terminal with Keypad- 3g,wifi,bt-gps

    Chainway C4050...

    New physical keypad  is on for Android    C4050 Highly featured..


  • Chainway c4050 battery

    Chainway c4050...

    Spare battery for Chainway C4050. Part number 935161 (ICP/51/59..


  • Chainway C4050 holder case

    Chainway C4050...

    Carry case for C4050 Chainway. If ordered, this item has approximate 14 day lead time...

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  • Chainway C4050 Pistol Grip with Battery

    Chainway C4050...

    CHainway C4050 Pistol Grip with Battery, for use with Chainway C4050 Android Handheld Computer..


  • Chainway C5000 battery

    Chainway C5000...

    Replacement battery for Chainway C5000 Handheld Computer.This item takes 7 to 10 days to arrive afte..


  • Chainway C70 Handheld

    Chainway C70...

    The Chainway C70, an Android-based mobile computer, delivers unprecedented excellence. It features p..


  • Chainway C71 Mount - Ram Mounts XGrip

    Chainway C71 Mount...

    The RAM X-Grip® has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without ..




    Standard configuration : C72 device with pistol grip , BT , WIFI , GPS , GPRS , 4G CPU: Co..


  • Chainway C75 Handheld Computer with Printer

    Chainway C75...


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  • Chainway H100 Healthcare PDA

    Chainway H100...

    H100 Healthcare PDANew Experience of Efficiency and InnovationChainway H100 is an Android 6.0 mobile..


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Showing 1 to 15 of 15 (1 Pages)