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Handheld Computers / pda

Pac Supplies USA can supply a full range of Hand Held PDA devices in Android , or Windows .

Perfect devices for ELD Compliance, Inventory Control, Medical, Retail and Logistics.

Leverage the world of apps available to facilitate your business.

Please contact us for more details.

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  • C5000 4G Rugged Android 7.0  PDA

    C5000 4G Rugged...

    C5000 Specifications & InformationExtremely Stable PerformanceAndroid 7.0 OS with memory of 2GB ..


  • C5000 Battery

    C5000 Battery

    Spare battery for the C5000 Android Handheld Computer..


  • C5000 Desktop Charging Cradle

    C5000 Desktop...

    Desktop charging cradle for use with the C5000 handheld computer..


  • C5100 4G Rugged Android 7 PDA

    C5100 4G Rugged...

    SpecificationsExtremely Stable PerformanceAndroid 7 OS with 2GB RAM/16GB ROM expandable to 32GB.High..


  • C71 Desktop Cradle

    C71 Desktop Cradle

    Desktop Charger for C71 Handheld computerfor further information , please email sales@pacsuppliesusa..


  • C71 Handheld Computer IP65/IP67 - Android 6.0 , 4g , NFC , WIFI , BT 13MP Camera

    C71 Handheld...

    Standard Specification  : C71 Handheld Computer IP67 - Android 6.0 , 4g , NFC , WIFI , BT 13MP ..


  • C71 Vechicle Mount Cradle Charger

    C71 Vechicle Mount...

    Choose from the Existing screw plate or sucker Mount option .Choose from Hard ware or cigarette char..


  • C72 Desktop Cradle

    C72 Desktop Cradle

    Desktop Charger for C72 Handheld computerfor further information , please email sales@pacsuppliesusa..


  • Chainway C4050 Android New Handheld Data Terminal with Keypad- 4g,wifi,bt-gps

    Chainway C4050...

    New physical keypad  is on for Android    C4050 Highly featured..


  • Chainway c4050 battery

    Chainway c4050...

    Spare battery for Chainway C4050. Part number 935161 (ICP/51/59..


  • Chainway C4050 holder case

    Chainway C4050...

    Carry case for C4050 Chainway. If ordered, this item has approximate 14 day lead time...

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  • Chainway C6000 Android 6 Handheld Computer 4G

    Chainway C6000...

    Chainway C6000 is an Android-based rugged mobile computer. With its fast 4G connectivity and powerfu..


  • Chainway C70 Handheld

    Chainway C70...

    The Chainway C70, an Android-based mobile computer, delivers unprecedented excellence. It features p..


  • Chainway C71 Mount - Ram Mounts XGrip

    Chainway C71 Mount...

    The RAM X-Grip® has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without ..




    Standard configuration : C72 device with pistol grip , BT , WIFI , GPS , GPRS , 4G CPU: Co..


  • Chainway C75 Handheld Computer with Printer

    Chainway C75...


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Showing 1 to 16 of 22 (2 Pages)