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IDTECH Uni Mag Pro

IDTECH Uni Mag Pro

  • Brand:: IDTECH
  • Product Code: IDTECH Unimag Pro Magstripe Reader
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UniMag Pro


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Apple iPadN/A3.1.3 
or above
Apple iPad 2Verizon
Apple iPad 2AT&T
Apple iPad 3AT&T
Apple iPad 4

Apple iPad Air
models are available in both wifi and wifi + cellular
Apple iPad mini

Apple iPad mini with Retina Display
models are available in both wifi and wifi + cellular
Apple iPhone 3GAT&T
Apple iPhone 3GSAT&T
Apple iPhone 4AT&T
Apple iPhone 4Verizon
Apple iPhone 4SAT&T
Apple iPhone 4SSprint
Apple iPhone 4SVerizon
Apple iPhone 5AT&T

Apple iPhone 5Sprint

Apple iPhone 5Verizon

Apple iPhone 5c

Apple iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

Apple iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen.

Acer Iconia Tab 7A1-7134.2.2

Acer Iconia Tab 7 HDA1-713HD4.4.2

Asus MeMO PadME172V4.1.1

Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10ME302C4.2.2

Asus Nexus 7 (2nd Gen.)NEXUS74.4.2

Asus Nexus 7 LTE (2nd Gen.)NEXUS74.4.2

Asus TransformerTRANSFORMERTF1014.0.4N/A
Dell Streak 7 TabletDELLSTREAK72.2.2T-Mobile
HTC Desire ZHTCVISION2.2.1T-Mobile
HTC Droid ErisERIS2.1Verizon
HTC Droid DNAHTC6435LVW4.1.1VerizonBeats audio must be turned off
HTC EVO 3DISW12HT2.3.4KDDI (Japan)
HTC EVO 3DPG861002.3.3Sprint
HTC EVO 4GPC361002.3.3Sprint
HTC EVO 4G LTEEVO4.0.3Sprint
HTC EVO Shift 4GPG061002.3.3Sprint
HTC G2T-MOBILEG22.2T-mobile
HTC HeroHERO2002.1-update1Sprint
HTC IncredibleADR63002.2Verizon
HTC Incredible 2ADR63502.2.1Verizon
HTC leleHTC PH061302.3.3AT&T
HTC MergeADR63252.2 & 2.3.4Verizon & US Cellular
HTC MyTouch 3G SlideT-MOBILE MYTOUCH3GSLIDE2.1-update1T-mobile
HTC MyTouch 4GHTCGLACIER2.3.4T-mobile
HTC MyTouch 4G SlideMYTOUCH_4G_SLIDE2.3.4T-mobile
HTC OneHTCONE4.1.2SprintBeats audio must be turned off
HTC One VHTCONEV4.0.3US CellularMust implement v3.8 SDK or later,Beats audio must be turned off
HTC One VXHTCPM361004.0.4AT&TBeats audio must be turned off
HTC RezoundADR6425LVW2.3.4Verizon
HTC RhymeADR6330VW2.3.4Verizon
HTC Sensation 4GHTCSENSATION4G2.3.4T-mobile
HTC VividHTCPH391002.3.4AT&T
Huawei Ascend Y330HUAWEIUY330-U054.2.2

Huawei Impulse 4GHUAWEIU8800-512.2.2AT&T
Huawei MediaPadHUAWEIMEDIAPAD4.0.3N/ASRS option must be turned off
Huawei MyTouch QT-MOBILEMYTOUCHQ2.3.6T-Mobile
Huawei SpringBoardSPRINGBOARD3.2T-mobileSRS option must be turned off
Kyocera ECHOM93002.2.1Sprint
Kyocera EventEVENT4.0.4Virgin Mobile
LG AllyALLY2.2.1VerizonMust implement v2.6 or later SDK
LG EnlightenLG-VS7002.3.4Verizon
LG EscapeLG-P8704.0.4AT&T
LG G2LG-D8004.2.2AT&T
LG G2LG-D8014.4.2T-MobileFor OS 4.4.2, XML v4.4.2 (or above) is required
LG G3LG-D8514.4.2T-Mobile
LG G3VS9854G4.4.2Verizon
LG G3LG-D8504.4.2AT&T
LG G FlexLG-D9594.2.2T-Mobile
LG G FlexLG-D9504.2.2AT&T
LG G Pad 8.3LG-V5004.2.2

LG G Pad 8.3VK8104G4.2.2Verizon
LG Nitro HDLG-P9304.0.4AT&TMust update OS to v4.0.4
LG Optimus OneLG-P5002.3.3N/AMust update OS to v2.3.3
LG Optimus SLS6702.3.3SprintMust update OS to v2.3.3
LG Optimus TLG-P5092.2T-mobile
LG PhoenixLG-P5052.3.4 and aboveAT&TSupported after updating OS v2.3.4
LG ThriveLG-P5062.2.2AT&TMust implement v2.6 or later SDK
LG VortexVORTEX2.2.1VerizonMust implement v2.6 or later SDK
Motorola Atrix 2MB8652.3.5AT&T
Motorola Droid 2DROID22.2Verizon
Motorola Droid 3DROID32.3.4Verizon
Motorola Droid 4DROID42.3.6Verizon
Motorola Droid BionicDROIDBIONIC2.3.4Verizon
Motorola Droid MaxxXT10804.3VerizonRequires Revision H and above
Motorola Droid MiniXT10304.3VerizonRequires Revision H and above
Motorola Droid ProDROIDPRO2.2.1Verizon
Motorola Droid UltraXT10804.3VerizonRequires Revision H and above
Motorola Droid XDROIDX2.3.3Verizon
Motorola Electrify MXT9014.1.2US CellularMust implement v3.8 SDK or later
Motorola FlipSideMB5082.1-update1AT&T
Motorola MilestoneMILESTONE2.1Verizon
Motorola Moto GXT10324.3
Requires Revision H and above
Motorola Moto XXT10584.4.2AT&TRequires Revision H and above
Motorola RazrDROIDRAZR4.0.4Verizon
Motorola Razr MaxxDROIDRAZR2.3.6Verizon
Motorola XoomXOOM3.1Verizon
Motorola XY Board 10.1MZ6173.2Verizon