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100 x NTAG® 215 Stickers 25mm

100 x NTAG® 215 Stickers 25mm

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  • Product Code: NTAG-215 Stickers 25MM
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Pack of 100 NTAG® 215 NFC Tags Stickers circular 25mm

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NTAG2xx Range of ChipsNTAG203NTAG210NTAG213NTAG215NTAG216 Memory Size168 bytes80 bytes180 bytes540 bytes924 bytes User Memory144 bytes48 bytes144 bytes504 bytes888 bytes URL Length132 characters41 characters132 characters492 characters854 characters Mobile Compatible (for use with all NFC devices)YesYesYesYesYes What is this chip used for?Very popular, great performance chip, all round use in all products. Good scanning distance.Cost effective, thin and great for short URL's.Extremely versatile, set to replace NTAG203, excellent scanning distances and great performance.Great user memory capacity for longer text or URL's. Amazing user memory but more expensive than other chips. Recommended for use with vcards. NFC Forum CompliantYesYesYesYesYes NFC counterNoNoYesYesYes Password ProtectionNoYesYesYesYes CryptographyNoNoNoNoNo **Scan Distance
(Scored out of 5)4/54/55/54/54/5 UID MirrorNoYesYesYesYes

Please find below details of other chips available:

DESfire 4K
Memory Size64 bytes192 bytes1024 bytes4,000 bytes
User Memory46 bytes148 bytes716 bytes4,094 bytes
URL Length41 characters132 characters710 characters2,000 characters
Mobile Compatible (for use with all NFC devices)YesYesNoYes
What is this chip used for?Cost Effective
Short URL
Smart Poster
General NFC Use
Good Capacity but low scan distance with mobile phones. Can be encrypted.High Capacity Storage
More expensive option for specialised NFC uses. Excellent memory capacity.
NFC Forum CompliantYesYesNoYes
NFC CounterNoNoNoNo
Password ProtectionNoNoNoNo
**Scan Distances
(Scored out of 5)

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