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Pac Supplies USA provides and supports the full range of Wacom signature pads

Please contact us for further information on Wacom Signature pads

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  • Wacom DTK-1651

    Wacom DTK-1651

    DTK-1651The DTK-1651 combines a 15.6″ Full HD resolution LCD display with state-of-the-art encryptio..


  • WACOM STU-300B

    WACOM STU-300B

    STU-300BThe STU-300B LCD Signature Pad offers a quality 4" monochrome display. With its small, compa..


  • Wacom STU-430 with pdf software

    Wacom STU-430 with...

     Kit includes , tablet , pen and pdf softwareFor further information and bulk pricing , please ..


  • Wacom STU-530 with PDF software included

    Wacom STU-530 with...

     For further information and Bulk discounts please email sales@pacsuppliesusa.comThe STU-530 LC..


  • Wacom STU-500 LCD TABLET

    Wacom STU-500 LCD...

    The 5" STU-500 is a real all-round talent: With its 512 real pressure levels, paper-like surface, ra..


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Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)